Lichfield 1914

500 of the 10,000 men who arrived in Lewes on 12th September 1914 had come from Lichfield. What does the Lichfield press say about the town the men had come from?


From the Lichfield Mercury, Retrospecive for 1914

1 June : Suffragette set fire to a church

2 June : Two drowned in a seaplane accident

13 June Prince of Wales performed his first personal engagement by laying a foundation stone at St Auselm’s Church, Kennington.

24 June ; Russia considered Austrian demands on Serbia a direct threat to her.

27 June : Sir Edward Grey announces a proposed conference between Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain.


August 1914

3 Augsut : Germany declared war on France

4 August : Ultimatum sent from Great Britain to Germany regarding neutrality of Belgium. Germany attacked Liege. War declared between Germany and Great Britain.

5 August : Lord Kitchener appointed secretary of state for war

6 August : Renewed fighting around Leige. HMS Amphion sunk.

7 August : The Prince of Wales issued appeal for a National Relief Fund.

8 August 

9 August : British cruiser Birmingham sunk by U-Boat.

16 August : Landing of British Expeditionary Force

24 August : Fall of Namur announced.

27 August : British marines occupy Ostende. Allies retire towards the Somme.


September 1914

3 September : French government withdrew from Paris to Bordeaux.

7 September : Gemans reached the extreme point of their advance.