Receiving Centres for Kitchener’s Recruits 1914

12 large training centres for mass of men enlisted according to Lord Kitchener each of which will have a division allocated to it.


By division and location:


15th Hampshire: Aldershot

16th Ireland: Dublin

17th Dorset: Wool, Lulworth, Wareham (Dorset).

18th Essex: Shorncliffe, Purfleet

19th Wiltshire: Tidworth, Bulford, Swindon

20th Hampshire: Aldershot

21st Hertfordshire: Halton Park (between Tring and Wendover)

22nd Sussex: South Downs, east of Seaford

24th Brighton and Hove – Sussex: South Downs near east Shoreham, and Patcham

25th Wiltshire: Codford St Mary, Codford St. Peter, and Fisherton de le Mere (west of Salisbury)

26th Wiltshire: Sherrington, Stockton and Wylye (west of Salisbury)



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