MA lecture day, University of Wolverhampton 

Up at 6:00 leave Barton on the Heath by 7:15.

WLV in 2:15 as I hadn’t set up the phone correctly and got lost through Birmingham.
Best to get here early to have any chance of parking on match day: Newcastle vs. Wolves
Lectures from Spencer Jones and Laura Ugolini.

‘A Kingdom United’ reviewed by Alice, Laura, Chris and Richard 

Having read it in depth and taken plenty of notes I felt I knew it as intimately as them. At some stage I need to go to Leeds to go through the Liddle Archive.

Over a sandwich at lunch discuss the Battle of the Somme Film talk and divide it into three parts with Clive and Barb.

I will cover ‘the long shadow’ or aftermath.
For this and my dissertation on Lewes 1914 I have books suggested by Stephen Badsey which I quickly track down online and order.

First World War Photographers : Jane Carmichael

Power of Film Propaganda : Nicholas Reeves

The Making of the First World War : Ian Beckett

Gettysburg : A Journey in Time : William Frassanito

And older books on the context written closer to the time.

War, Wine and Woman : Wilfred Saint-Mande

And having spoken to Mark Connelly on Friday, his book:
Making Celluloid Memorials : The British Instructional Films Company and the Memory of the Great War
As well as 
The Big Show : British Cinema Culture in the Great War : Michael Hammond 


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