East Sussex News : September 1914

East Sussex News, Friday 18 Sept 1914


Makes the point if Germans had invaded everyone would be put out of their beds.

The residence of Lewes have good cause for thankfulness, particularly when it is borne in mind that the men they are entertaining are in training to assist in preventing the towns of England from sharing the same fate as has befallen Liege, Namur and Louvain.


Military invasion of Lewes

Visit if 22nd Division

12 large training centres for mass of men enlisted according to Lord Kitchener each of which will have a division allocated to it.


15th Aldershot

16th Dublin

17th Wool, Lulworth, Wareham

18th shorncliffe, Purfleet

19th Tidworth, Bulford, Swindon

20th Aldershot

21st Halton Park (between Tring and Wendover)

22nd South Downs, east of Seaford

24th South Downs near east Shoreham, and Patcham

25th Codford St Mary, Codford St. Peter, and Fisherton de le Mere (west of Salisbury)

26th Sherrington, Stockton and Wylye (west of Salisbury)

21st to 28th Divisions forming 2nd New Army


Two training areas in Sussex. The Downs between Seaford and Cuckmere and on the hills between Shoreham and Patcham.


HQ at Seaford. M-G Montgomery will command.

Population of Lewes almost doubled  – recruits for king part of this Division.

Where accommodation was offered and arranged for and not occupied owing to the men being quartered in a public buildings, chiefly in the west end of the town, householders were quite disappointed at not being able to assist in entertaining the visitors.

First thought to be 5,000 of the London Territorials, then that they would arrive Saturday evening, but crier sent out to say they would expected the next day.

In anticipation various butchers, grocers and bakers shops were opened on Sunday morning.

Then the news passed round that the men were not expected until late the following morning.

Men actually began to arrive soon after midnight on Sunday and other special trains arrived at intervals until late Monday.


The men and their numbers arrived from:

Lichfield           500

Preston         2,000

Seaforth           500

Carlisle         1,000

Brecon          1,000

Wrexham      1,100

Cardiff           1,000

Chester         1,100

Shrewsbury   1,100

Bury                  500


The scene suggests a big industrial centre

Strange accents, clogs, all classes …

The numbers at different houses vary from 2 to 25.

so many of their own kith and kin have gone forth to fight for their country.


About 6,000 in private houses.

Public buildings :

See above


Commercial Caterers for public buildings … ladies of the town the rest.

Will be paid 3s, 4. 1/2d per day per man.

£10,000 a week to the town


25 September 1914

Military Camp at Seaford

A portion of 22nd Division arrived Monday 21st September


Tents erected Monday 14th September by Territorials  ‘ C’ company of East Grinstead


And Crawley of the 4th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment. To accommodate 16,000.


In groups of 90

2,000 had arrived on Wednesday 16th billeted on town.

On parade at 6:45

Drill to 8:30

Parades at 9:45 to 12:15, 1:45 to 4:15, 5:45 to 7.


Monday 11:30 850 sent for a dip in the sea.


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