Secondly, as you are a distance learning you can access the University of Sussex library unde rthe SCONUL Access scheme. You’ll need to fill in the form here: and then contact the library service at UoS to clarify their terms and conditions. You will likely be required to produce your Wolverhampton library card, hence my question above. I have never used the UoS library so I am not sure of their restrictions, but they are a member of the SCONUL scheme and so there should not be a serious barrier to using their resources.
The e-library is easier. There’s quite a good introduction page to e-library resources here: If prompted, your log in should be the same as that which you use for WOLF.
In addition to the e-books listed in the handbook, we have electronic access to the journals War in History and RUSI. RUSI is especially useful as it includes the full run back to the 1850s. It therefore includes many interesting articles written on WW1 that appeared in the 1920s


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