Receiving Centres for Kitchener’s Recruits 1914

12 large training centres for mass of men enlisted according to Lord Kitchener each of which will have a division…


National Identity

Anthony D. Smith, on national identity: [A nation is] a named and self-defined human community whose members cultivate shared myths,…


Lewes 1914 Literature Review

Marwick, A. ¬†The Deluge: British Society and the First World War. DeGroot, G, J. Blighty: British Society in the Era…


Total War

‘A war involving and affecting every member of society – one which is the pre-eminent issue and activity of that…

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MA lecture day, University of Wolverhampton 

Up at 6:00 leave Barton on the Heath by 7:15. WLV in 2:15 as I hadn’t set up the phone…


How to review a book

I picked this up in my first weekend when at the University of Birmingham in 1914. I’ve applied it to…